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1.My Family Let me tell you some thing about my family.My mother is a housewife.She is thirty-six years old,and my father is fourty-one years old.He is a worker.Their children is me and my two brothers.We are all students.But we are in the different school.This is my family.I love my family.2. My Visit to BeijingBeijing is a beautiful city. It has many good places to visit. We can visit the Great Wall,Gugong ,Beihai Park and so on. I always go there with my parents. We feel very happy. Beijin has many departmens. We can buy cloths, food, toysin there. I like Beijin very much.3.My DreamEveryone has their own dreams, including me. My ideal can help many people from small to large knowledge, it is the teacher. Being a teacher is not easy, I have read a word, wrote: " the teacher is a hard gardener, nurturing the flowers of the motherland; the teacher is the spring silkworm, dedicated himself, others decorated; the teacher is a piece of chalk, sacrifice yourself, leaving a knowledge ... ... Therefore, I very much admire teacher.追问还有么???谢谢!!追答4. Today I'm very happy,after i have breakfast,I go to park. It's a sunny day, the bird is singing, I'm singing too.When I get to park, Isee some girls are playing games, so I join them.We play very happy. Then I have lunch with my friends.We both have a good time.What a happy day!5. My HouseI have a house.It is big and new.There are eight rooms in it. They are a living room,a kitchen,three bedroom,one study and two bathroom. I watch TV in the living room.I do my homework in the study.I have dinner in the kitchen.This is my housewww.kj173.com防采集请勿采集本网。



【篇一】六年级小学生英语练习题  一、现在进行时:写出下列动词的现在分词:

题1 ________ is Jim’s car. Its _______ is 3688678. 选项 A.This, row B.It, number C.Its, row D.Its, number 题2 ---- What’s this? ---- _____ a jeep. 选项 A.This’s B.That is C.He is D.It’s 题3 ---- _____ are you? ---- I’m twelve.

  play____ run_____ swim _____ make____ go______ like____

football 足球 rugby 橄榄球 basketball 篮球 volleyball 排球 tennis 网球 baseball 垒球 handball 手球 hockey 曲棍球 乒乓球Table tennis 篮球Basketball 体操Gymnastics 跑步Running 自行车Cycling 滑雪Skiing

  write____ ski_____ read_____ have_____ sing ___ dance____

题目呢? 总不会是整本的英语练习册吧?

  put______ see_____ buy ______ love_____ live______ take____

beautiful healthier B 您的支持就是我继续帮助别人的动力 愿您与我一起传播 爱心 之种 望采纳↖(^ω^)↗

  come ____ get_____ stop_______ sit _____ begin_____ shop________


  1.The boy ____________ ( draw)a picture now.

  2. Listen .Some girls __________ ( sing)in the classroom .

  3. My mother ____________ ( cook )some nice food now.

  4. What _____ you ______ ( do ) now?

  5. Look . They _______________( have) an English lesson .

  6.They __________(not ,water) the flowers now.

  7.Look! the girls ___________(dance )in the classroom .

  8.What is our granddaughter doing? She _________(listen ) to music.

  9. It’s 5 o’clock now. We _____________(have)supper now .

  10.______Helen____________(wash )clothes? Yes ,she is .


  1. 我打算明天和朋友去野炊。

  I_____ _______ _________ have a picnic with my friends.

  2. 下个星期一你打算去干嘛? 我想去打篮球。

  What ________ ________ _________ _________ _________ next Monday?

  3. *妈这个周末去购物吗?是,她要去买一些水果。

  _____ your mother _______ _______ go shopping this __________?

  Yes, she _________. She ______ ________ ________ buy some fruit.

  4.你们打算什么时候见面。What time ___ you _____ _____ meet?

  5. Nancy is going to go camping.(改否定)Nancy ________ going to go camping.

  6.I’ll go and join them.(改否定)I _______ go ______ join them.

  7. I’m going to get up at 6:30 tomorrow.(改一般疑问句)

  ________ _______ ________ to get up at 6:30 tomorrow?

  8. We will meet at the bus stop at 10:30.(改一般疑问句)

  _______ ________ meet at the bus stop at 10:30.

  9. My father and mother are going to see a play the day after tomorrow.(同上)

  _________ _________ going to see a play the day after tomorrow.

  10. Today is a sunny day. We __________ (have) a picnic this afternoon.

【篇二】六年级小学生英语练习题  一、 名词复数写出下列各词的复数。

  I___ him____ this ____her ____watch ____ child _____photo _____

  diary ___ day____ foot_____ book_____ dress ______tooth____

  sheep ______box_____ peach___ sandwich_____ man____ woman_____

  paper___ juice____ water______ milk______ rice______ tea____


  drink ______ go _____ stay _____ make ___look ____ have___ pass____

  carry ____ come_______ watch_____ plant_______ fly ________

  study_______ brush________ do_________ teach_______


  1. He often ________(have) dinner at home.

  2. Daniel and Tommy _______(be) in Class One.

  3. We _______(not watch) TV on Monday.

  4. Nick _______(not go) to the zoo on Sunday.

  5. ______ they ________(like) the World Cup?

  6. What _______they often _______(do) on Saturdays?

  7. _______ your parents _______(read) newspapers every day?

  8. The girl _______(teach) us English on Sundays.

  9. She and I ________(take) a walk together every evening.

  10. There ________(be) some water in the bottle.

  11. Mike _______(like) cooking.

  12. They _______(have) the same hobby.

  13. My aunt _______(look) after her baby carefully.

  14. You always _______(do) your homework well.

  15. I _______(be) ill. I’m staying in bed.

  16. She _______(go) to school from Monday to Friday.

  17. Liu Tao _______(do) not like PE.

  18. The child often _______(watch) TV in the evening.

  19. Su Hai and Su Yang _______(have) eight lessons this term.

  20. -What day _______(be) it today?- It’s Saturday.


  1. Is your brother speak English? ______________

  2. Does he likes going fishing? ________________

  3. He likes play games after class.____________

  4. Mr. Wu teachs us English. ____________

  5. She don’t do her homework on Sundays. _________________


  1. I _______ at school just now.

  2. He ________ at the camp last week.

  3. We ________ students two years ago.

  4. They ________ on the farm a moment ago.

  5. Yang Ling ________ eleven years old last year.

【篇三】六年级小学生英语练习题  一、找出不同类的单词,将其字母标号填入题前括号内。

  (    ) 1. A. went    B. want    C. played    D. cooked

  (    ) 2. A. his     B. her    C. she     D. your

  (    ) 3. A. was     B. is     C. am       D. are

  (    ) 4. A. thin     B. long    C. tall    D. fly

  (    ) 5. A. small    B. better   C. bigger   D. shorter


  1.sad(反义词)                          2.did(原形)

  3.heavy(比较级)                    4.play(过去式)

  5.thin(比较级)                           6.have(第三人称单数形式)

  7.take(过去式)                        8.come(现在分词)

  9.can′t(完全形式)                    10.know(过去式)


  1. do the dishes                           2. 感冒

  3. make the bed                       4. 发烧

  5. buy presents                         6. 去郊游

  7. play the piano                        8. 踢足球

  9. wash clothes                       10.听音乐

  四、单项选择 。

  (  ) 1. What ______ Sam ____ last Saturday?

  A. did, do     B. does, do    C. do, did     D. did, did

  (  ) 2. She ____ born in 1994, and she ___ twelve now.

  A. is, is    B. was, was     C.is, was    D. was ,is

  (  ) 3. The twins ____  to China two years age. Now they _____ in Beijing.

  A. came, live   B. comes, lives    C. come, living    D. came , are living

  (  ) 4. Let’s ____ goodbye to our teacher.

  A. say     B. says   C. saying    D.said

  (  ) 5. Where ___ your father go this morning?

  A. do   B. does   C.did     D. was

  (  ) 6. Tree Planting Day is on _______.

  A. March 12th     B. March 13th    C.Apri 12th     D. Apil 13th

  (  ) 7. Wei Hua ______ TV for half an hour after supper last night.

  A.watched    B.watch     C. watches    D. is watching

  (  ) 8. Mother _________ some books for me next week.

  A.buy    B.buys    C. is buying     D.is going to buy

  (  ) 9. -- _______ did you have this morning?   -- I had two eggs and a glass of juice.

  A. When    B. What     C. How     D. How long

  (  ) 10. There_________ an English book、two pens and three pencil-cases on the table.

  A. is   B. are   C.has   D. will be

  (  )11. The twins go to school______7:30 every day.

  A. at    B. on    C. in     D. to

  (  )12. -- _____you born in Shanghai?   -- No, I________

  A. Are, am not   B. Are, aren’t   C. Were, weren’t   D.Were, wasn’t

  (  )13. Do you like__________?

  A. play the basketball       B. playing a basketball

  C. play basketball          D. playing basketball

  (  )14. Look! The children_______games over there.

  A. is playing    B. play    C. played     D. are playing

  (  )15. We should______care of our books.

  A. take    B. make    C. do    D. look

  (  )16. -- _____ were you yesterday evening?   -- I went to the cinema.

  A. Who  B.  When   C. Where    D. What

  (  )17. Our English teacher often______ English in class.

  A. speak    B. speaks    C. is speaking   D. will speak

  (  )18. -- _______will you come back?     -- At seven o’clock.

  A. Where     B.What   C. When    D. How much

  (  )19. Please______here on time.

  A. come  B. comes  C. came  D. coming

  (  )20. Li Ming went to Beijing______his parents last month.

  A. to    B. in    C. on   D. with


  1. ________________ (Lily) father is at home.

  2. Look! One of the children ______________(fish)in the lake.

  3. Is this ________________(he) pencil?

  4. Lily is much __________(good) than her sister in English.

  5. They _________(fly) to the UK, didn’t they ?

  6. Mr. Lee ______________ (give) us a talk on the history of China tomorrow, isn’t he?

  7. That's ________________(I)desk. This one is ________________(you) desk.

  8. Those girls are ________________(Japan).

  9. Excuse me, is the coat ________________(Tom)?

  10. Linda can swim very fast. She is good at __________ (swim).

一、听音、2113选择。1、从听到的每组字母中选5261出含有相同元音或辅音读音的两4102个字母。1) A. TO B. TE C. UT D. VU2) A. SC B. YS C. CY D. XS3) A. WH B. HJ C. MV D. RT4) A. AI B. AR C. YR D. IY5) A. YW B. YR C. QW D. JQ2、选出你1653所听到的句子或词组。 1) A. It’s a plane. B. It’s green. C. It’s a pen. 2) A. my teacher B. my T-shirt C. my shirt 3) A. I’m fine. B. I’m ten. C. I’m nine. 4) A. How are you? B. How old are you? C. And you? 5) A. a new map B. a new stamp C. a new cup二、听音、判断。 1、There are three planes in the sky.2、Li Lei is at home now.3、Mary’s father is a doctor.4、Today is Monday.5、The students are in the car.三、听音,写单词,把故事补全。 My name _____ Lily. I’m a _____ girl. I’m _____Beijing. I’m in Changjiang Primary ______. I’m in ______1,Grade 6. I like singing and ______. I like ______,too. I ______hard at my lessons.四、阅读理解。 It’s a sunny day. The sun is smiling. The bird and butterflies are dancing now. My grandma has a book under her arm. She is wearing glasses today. Her shoes are under the bed. There is a photo over her bed. There are T-shirt on her bed, too. The clock is new. But the vase is old. My cat is sleeping now. The telephone is ringing. Oh, look at, my bag and ruler are on the floor!根据短文内容,判断正(T)误(F)。1、Today is Sunday.2、My grandma is dancing now.3、The shirts are on her bed.4、The clock is new and the vase is old.5、My ruler is on the floor.五、智力题。1、Do you know what letter is a kind of drink?2、Would you show me the map,please?(找出一种水果)六、学习。(猜成语)1、Ask for the moon. 2、The apple of parents’ eyes. 3、Love me, love my dog. http://www.kejianhome.com/这个网N多哦,祝你成绩越来越好,六年级英语第一学期2113期中考试六年5261级英语试题4102题号 听力部分 笔 试 部 分 总分 一 二 三 四 五 六 七 八1653 九 十 十一 十二 得分 听力部分(30分)一、听录音,选出你所听到的内容(听一遍)(5分)( )1. A. dear B. where C. near( )2. A. live B. like C. family( )3. A. class B. have C. happy( )4. A. often B. October C. go( )5. A. house B. horse C. nose二、听录音,根据所听到的问句选择正确答案,将其序号填入括号内(听两遍)(8分)( )1. A. It’s the first of January. B. It’s the first of June. C. It’s the first of July.( )2. A. It’s Jim’s birthday. B. It’s Ben’s birthday. C. It’s Tom’s birthday.( )3. A. It’s on the first of July. B. It’s on the sixth of August. C. It’s on the fifth of June.( )4. A. He’d like a VCD of Chinese cartoons. B. He’d like a DVD of Japanese cartoons. C. He’d like a VCD of Japanese cartoons.三、 听录音,根据所听内容在横线上填入所缺的词(听两遍)(8分) 1. The sign means we shouldn’t __________ our __________ here. 2. ---When’s your mother’s birthday? ---It’s on the __________ of __________. 3. I’d like to __________ __________ __________ of the animals. 4. ---Where’s the cinema? ---It’s __________ the park.四、听录音,填入所缺的词,完成对话(听两遍)(9分) It is ________(ten, two)in the morning. Mike is ________ (sit, sitting)in the classroom. He is having an ________(England, English) lesson. He is listening to the teacher ________(careful, carefully) . His ________(friend, friends) , David and Wang Bing , are looking at the ________(blackboard, keyboard) . Su Yang and Su Hai are thinking. Gao Shan is ________(write, writing) something. ________(all, All) of ________(they, them) are working hard.笔试部分(70分)五、将下列单词划线部分的读音不同的选出来。(5分)( ) 1. A. near B. bear C. year D. hear( ) 2. A. open B. old C. clock D. only( ) 3. A. as B. apple C. hat D. grape( ) 4. A. read B. bread C. head D. sweater( ) 5. A. sports B. worker C. morning D. forty六、词组英汉互译。(10分)1. 寻找 ________________ 2. 一副眼镜 ________________3. 远离草坪____________ 4. 刚才 _______________5. 捡起 ____________ 6. 在七月 ________________7. make a birthday card______________ 8. a running race ________________9. take off ________________ 10. a piece of paper ________________七、按要求写单词。(10分)1. should not(缩略形式)______________ 2. am(过去式)______________3. let’s(完整形式)______________ 4. there(同音词)______________5. diary(复数形式)______________ 6. two(序数词)______________7. third(基数词)______________ 8. run(现在分词)______________9. here(反义词)______________ 10. they(宾格)______________八、用括号中所给词的适当形式填空。(5分) 1. My film _________ (be)in my bag a moment ago. 2. My mum’s birthday is _________ (come). 3. Jack _________ (live) near Tom. 4. Would you like _________ (come)to my birthday party? 5. I like asking _________ (he)questions.九、选择题。(10分)( )1. Are there ________ apples on the table? A. any B. a C. some D. the( )2. I live ________ my family ________ a big house. A. and; in B. with; at C. with; in( )3. The book ________ there just now . Where ________ it now? A. is; is B. was; is C. was; was( )4. My birthday is ________ June. A.on B. in C. at( )5. The students in Class2 are very ________ . A. exciting B. excite C. excited( )6. The pair of earphones ________ on the desk just now .A. are B. were C. was( )7. Su Hai wants to take ________ .A. some photoes B. some photos C. any photos( )8. My father likes ________ music after lunch .A. listening to B. listen to C. to listen( )9. It’s very late. Let ________ go to bed.A. her B. she C. he( )10. Helen is looking ________ her book. A. to B. for C. up D. between十、找出句子中错误的一项,并在横线上订正。(10分)( )1. Mr Smith looks around. There are no one nearby. A B C D _____________( )2. Mike gives me a interesting book . A B C D _____________ ( )3. Don’t show the book to he , please . A B C D _____________ ( )4. The bathroom is on the one floor . A B C _____________ ( )5. What does these signs mean ? A B C _____________十一、按要求转换下列句型。(10分)1. I can sing and dance.(变为一般疑问句) _________________________________________________________ 2. She is thirteen years old. (对划线部分提问) _________________________________________________________ 3. The books were there a moment ago. (改为否定句) _________________________________________________________ 4. There are three signs on the wall.( 对划线部分提问) _________________________________________________________ 5. The man in the green shirt is Mr Green.( 对划线部分提问) _________________________________________________________ 十二、阅读理解。(10分) An old woman has a cat. The cat is very old. It can’t run fast and it can’t catch mice(mouse的复数形式). When the old cat sees a mouse, it tries to catch the mouse, but the mouse can run away. The woman is very angry(生气)about it. Then she has a good idea. She buys a new cat to catch mice. Now the old one can rest(休息).( )1. The old cat can’t ________ now. A. jump on the mice B. catch dogs C. walk or run D. run fast or catch mice ( )2. When the cat tries to catch a mouse, ________ . A. it eats the mouse B. it jumps on the mouse C. it follows the mouse D. the mouse runs away ( )3. The old woman is ________ when she sees a mouse runs away. A. very good B. very kind C. very angry D. very happy ( )4. The old woman ________. A. likes the cat B. doesn’t want the cat C. buys a new cat D. teaches the cat ( )5. The old woman doesn’t like ________ in her house.A. cats B. mice C. dogs D. young people,2008小学六年级语文寒假作2113业题无答案一、5261照样子写词语 当4102参谋 当跳板 当儿戏1653 当花瓶 当炮灰 当拐棍儿 当____ 当____ 当____ 当____ 当____ 当____ 二、"然"字开花 ___然违抗 ___然一笑 ___然在目 ___然置之 ___然矗立 ___然不动 ___然神伤 ___然惊叹 三、巧加标点。你能给下面的句子加上标点,使句子分别表达不同的意思吗? 1、你同意他不同意 2、你同意他不同意 3、你同意他不同意 四、在括号里填上合适的字 ( )风雨 ( )风雨 五、描写景物的诗词(3首) 六、成语接龙 巧夺天工→工_______→_______→_______→________→________→ ________→________ 七、写反义词 百思不解-----( ) 货真价实-----( ) 目不转睛-----( ) 八、请你在括号中填上意思相反的字 1、尺有所( ),寸有所( ) 2、当局者( ),旁观者( ) 3、( )道多助,( )道寡助 4、( )于忧患,( )于安乐 5、( )之者昌,( )之者亡一、照样子写词语 当参谋 当跳板 当儿戏 当花瓶 当炮灰 当拐棍儿 当元帅 当绳梯 当玩笑 当玻璃 当垃圾 当板凳儿 二、"然"字开花 公然违抗 嫣然一笑 赫然在目 淡然置之 巍然矗立 岿然不动 黯然神伤 喟然惊叹 三、巧加标点。你能给下面的句子加上标点,使句子分别表达不同的意思吗? 1、你同意?他不同意。 2、你同意,他不同意。 3、你同意他?不同意。 四、在括号里填上合适的字 (几许)风雨 (霹雳)风雨 五、描写景物的诗词(3首) 略过 六、成语接龙 巧夺天工→工力悉敌→敌强我弱→弱不禁风→风花雪月→月白风清→清心寡欲→欲火焚身 七、写反义词 百思不解-----(恍然大悟) 货真价实-----(滥竽充数) 目不转睛-----(左顾右盼) 一、基础部分31% (一)看拼音写词语。5% pī lì gōu hè wū rǎn yùn niàng qū zhú ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) (二)选择合适的答案。10% 1.下列没有错别字的一组是( ) A.金壁辉煌 呕心沥血 顽强不屈 负荆请罪 B.走头无路 香味四溢 秉烛夜游 繁花嫩叶 C.春意盎然 迫不及待 无可奈何 心旷神怡 2.下列词组中搭配不当的一组词是( ) A.沉重的打击 沉重的心情 沉重的负担 B.沉痛的心情 沉痛的教训 沉痛的脚步 C.苍茫的夜色 苍茫的大地 苍茫的天空 3.“答应了别人的事就要守信用”与这句话意思不一样的是( ) A.答应别人的事能不守信用吗? B.答应别人的事非守信用不可! C.答应别人的事非守信用不可吗? D.答应别人的事不能不守信用。 4.下面的诗句中依次填入的花名是________ ①满园春色关不住,一枝________出墙来 ②儿童急走追黄蝶,飞入________无处寻。 ③忽如一夜春风来,千树万树________开。④竹外________三两枝,春江水暖鸭先知。 A.桃花 红杏 菜花 梨花 B.红杏 菜花 梨花 桃花 C.桃花 梨花 红杏 菜花 D.菜花 桃花 梨花 红杏 5.一个秋雨连绵的日子,安尼想观察一下,晶莹透明的雨水里有些什么,他看了一眼显微镜下的小水滴后、禁不住惊叫起来,“________”……你认为最恰当的一句应是( ) A.别看小水滴那么清澈,原来里边有小虫子呀! B.小虫子那么多,而且都在动! C.小虫子!那么多小虫子都在动! D.我真没想到,小水滴里是有虫子的。 (三)给说法正确的句子打“√”错误的打“×”。7% 1.模糊(mó) 似乎(sì) 转身(zhuǎn) 分量(fèng)这些多音字的读音没有一个错的。 ( ) 2.“辉”用部首查字法查“光”部,“光辉”的“辉”与“辉煌”的“辉”意思一样。 ( ) 3.“焕然一新、守株待兔、卧薪尝胆、胸有成竹”这一组词感情色彩相同,都是褒义词。 ( ) 4.“春天的杭州是一年四季中最美的季节。”与“两个新旧社会,真是鲜明的对比啊!”都犯了语序颠倒的错误。 ( ) 5.“海燕出版社出版的《世界文学名著漫画本》解决了少年朋友在阅读世界文学名著中所遇到的难题。”这句话若缩句,应该是“出版社解决了难题”。 ( ) 6.蔺相如对手下的人说:“秦王我都不怕,我会怕廉将军吗?”改成间接转述应该是,蔺相如对手下的人说:“秦王他都不怕,他更不会怕廉将军。” ( ) 7.孙慎是我国著名的革命音乐家,镇海人。 ( ) (四)根据情境,按要求填空。5% 1.填上表示“看”的意思的词语。(2+1+2) ①人们乘舟荡漾在西湖上,( )着如画的美景,心旷神怡。 ②陈毅的塑像刚落成,来( )的人就很多。 ③这里的书太多了,稍微( )一下,得花半天的时间。 ④宇航员在天际遨游时,( )地球,发出由衷的感叹。 2.在学习、生活中,当你遇到困难时,是哪一句名言激励你,请你把它写下来。 _________________________________________________________________________。 3.写出四个形容“专心”的四字成语:________、________、________、________(五)按课文内容填空4% “________________”,不错的,像母亲的手________着你。风里带来些新翻的泥土的________,混着青草味儿,还有各种花的香,都在微微________的空气里酝酿。鸟儿将巢安在________当中,高兴起来,________地卖弄清脆的喉咙,唱出________的曲子,跟________应和着。 二、阅读部分34%(一)(2+3+3+2+1) 从香山归来,路过颐和园,看见颐和园门口,就像散戏似的,成千盈百的孩子,闹嚷嚷地从门内挤了出来。这几扇大红门,就像一只大魔术匣子,盖子敞开着,飞涌出一群接着一群的关不住的小天使。 这情景实在有趣!我想起两句诗:“儿童不解春何在,只拣游人多处行”,反过来也可以说:“游人不解春何在。只拣儿童多处行”。我们笑着下了车,迎着儿童的涌流,挤进颐和园去。 1.节选部分选自课文___,它是现代著名作家____写的。 2.用“”划出写孩子多的词。用“ ”划出作者的联想。 3.作者想像极为丰富,比喻很奇特。用____比喻_____,表现了作者___________。 4.“游人不解春何在,只拣儿童多处行”。这句话的意思是__________________________。 5.选段中的双引号表示________。二)归帆(2+2+3+1+2) 我看过太湖上的归帆,也看过东海上的归帆。 夕阳把水面映得通红,把天空也染成万道彩霞。一会儿,黄昏的纱幕就轻轻地落在水面上。就在这当儿,水天相接处出现了一只帆影,接着又是一只……不多久,整个船队都出现了,它们散散落落地驶回港口,仿佛一队出征的战士,唱着凯歌整队回营,带着满舱的战利品。 但这只是在岸上看到的远处的景象,等到这些船只快靠码头,船老大准备向岸上抛缆绳的时候,情形便不一样了。 有的船上喜笑颜开,热火朝天,小伙子们打闹着,嬉笑着,隔着水同岸上的人大声地打招呼,问村里今天能有些什么事,广播有些什么重要新闻,也故意说些无关紧要的话。这样的船,不用问,就能断定今天的成绩很好,超额完成了生产指标,说不定还网住了几条少见的大鱼。有的船,几乎是垂头丧气,悄悄地溜回来的。船老大一面不停地抽着旱烟,一面望着水面沉思,平时爱打闹的小伙子,像泄了气的皮球,闷声不响地蹲在甲板上,岸上的人同他们打招呼,有的不搭理,有的只好苦笑着嚷了一句:“嗨!今天倒霉,别说了!”这样的船总是由于某种原因,今天没有完成任务。虽说渔家的生产并不在乎一天的得失,但是没有完成自己定的指标,人们总不会有好的情绪。对集体,对生产的责任感,在纠缠着、冲击着他们。 沉沉夜暮笼罩着每个鱼家的笑语和沉思,无论是哪条船上的人们,都休息了,积畜力量准备迎接新的战斗。对于明天的信念,人们总是相同的。既使暂时泄了气,在明天早晨出海的时候,也一定会抖擞精神,重新鼓起劲儿来。 1.联系上下文,理解加粗的字,再解释词语。 喜笑颜开: 垂头丧气: 2.划出文末一段中的四个错别字,并把改正过来的字依次写在横线上: 3.本文是按照怎样的顺序记叙“归帆”的景象的?从文章的哪些语句可以看出来? 4.第3自然段在文章中起到什么作用? 5.“对于明天的信念,人们总是相同的。”“明天的信念”指的是什么? (三)朋友(2+2+2+2+3+2) 小儿今年4年级,每天放学后都忙着呼朋唤友,打打闹闹□互换各类卡片;周末还要组织同学们搞小队活动,上兴趣班,看上去忙得很。( )星期天下雨,搞不成活动,没有小朋友来,他( )会拉开窗户朝外面看他养的几盆花草。冬日的冷雨打在金盏菊小小的花瓣上,花芯里积着一小弯盈盈浅水,他就在作文里马马虎虎地写道:“雨溅在花瓣上,乒乒乓乓像放鞭炮……”我忍不住笑道:“儿子,太夸张了吧。” 10多岁的男孩,心思都在玩上,教会他细细观察人和事,不是件简单的事。现在的小孩都是独生子女,婴幼儿时期,( )年龄小,( )只要给他们吃饱、穿暖,健健康康的就行了。长成小小少年,就有了他们自己的兴趣和玩伴了。为人父母的,并不是每时每刻都懂得孩子的心的,以为只要把孩子所有的空闲时间都利用起来,就能使孩子充实、快乐。其实,小小少年在空闲时间里,最想要的是朋友的友谊。 记得儿子上幼儿园时,一天傍晚,从外面玩回来,满头汗,花猫脸,浑身上下泥迹斑斑,手里却举着一捧新鲜的桂花枝,说是阿婆朋友送的。我没大留意他的话,随手拿了只玻璃杯装了点水递给他,让他自己摆弄。 过了几天,儿子又带回一捧缀满绿叶红果的桔树枝。一进门就对我说:“阿婆朋友家的桔子多好吃呀,妈妈,你也吃一个。”我看着他,问:“阿婆朋友到底是谁呀?”儿子说:“上次我和小朋友们在阿婆家外面玩,周寒生鼻子出血了,阿婆给他止了血。阿婆还说,下次,我们有困难就找她,她是我们的朋友!”哈哈,笑死我了,瞧瞧我的儿,一点点大的人,就在外面交了老太太朋友了。 后来,我们搬家了,儿子也上一年级了。一天放学回家,儿子脖子上挂了一只红绒线编的小网袋,里面是一只绿壳鸭蛋。儿子兴奋得结结巴巴,过了好长时间,我才听清了这只鸭蛋的来历。后来,我真的好感动,为这一老一少纯真的感情。 1.写出下列词语的近义词。 留意( ) 纯真( ) 2.给本文第1、2自然段的括号内填上适当的关联词。 3.根据自己的观察和体验,修改“儿子”在作文中马马虎虎写的那句话。 原来的句子:雨溅在花瓣上,乒乒乓乓像放鞭炮…… 改后的句子 4.根据提示,补充文章最后一自然段留下的空白。(提示:这一天可能是什么日子?是谁给“儿子”送的鸭蛋?) 5.本文为了表现阿婆和儿子纯真的友谊,依次写了哪3件事?(概括每件事,字数不超过15个) (1) (2 (3 6.读了本文,你有什么感想?请写出最想说的一句话。 三、作文:35% 1.应用文:(5%) 学校大队部决定于7月1日组织3~6年级队干部去光明街道进行社会调查,要求参加者穿上校服,佩戴红领巾和队干部标志,上午8时在校门口集合出发。请代大队部写一份通知,注意把格式写正确,书写端正,行款整齐。 2.作文:(30%) 题目:我发现了…… 提示:看了这个题目,同学们也许会说:“我们只是小学生,怎么会有什么发现呢?”其实,社会的发展,科技的进步,都离不开发现。可以写平时观察中的发现,可以写学习中的发现,也可以写实验制作中的发现,只要是你自己的发现就行。你一定有过这样兴奋的时刻,请你把自己的发现写出来,让大家与你共享发现的快乐。 要求:选择一次最令你激动、难忘的发现,写一篇400字以上的记叙文,注意把发现了什么以及发现的过程写清楚。参考答案 一、(一)霹雳 沟壑 污染 酝酿 驱逐 (二)1.C 2.B 3.C 4.B 5.C (三)1.× 2.× 3.× 4.√ 5.× 6.× 7.× (四)1.欣赏 参观 浏览 遥望 2.如:学如逆水行舟,不进则退。 3.专心致志 一心一意 聚精会神 全神贯注 (五)吹面不寒杨柳风 抚摸 气息 润湿 繁花嫩叶 呼朋引伴 婉转 轻风流水(选自朱自清《春》) 二、1.《只拣儿童多处行》 冰心 2.成千盈百 这几扇大红门,就像……小天使。 3.小天使 孩子 对孩子的喜爱 4.略 5.① (二)1.脸 丢失 2.幕 渔 蓄 即 3.时间顺序“夕阳”“夜幕” 4.承上启下 5.能够多打鱼,更好的完成任务。 (三)1.留心 2.即使……也…… 因为……所以…… 3.雨溅到花瓣上,像晶莹的珠子滚落玉盘。 4.这一天是阿婆的生日,阿婆愿儿子像那“绿壳鸭蛋”一样出色和与众不同。 5.阿婆送儿子桂花枝 阿婆给儿子结满果实的桔树枝 阿婆送给儿子“绿壳鸭蛋” 6.再小的孩子也需要朋友,1.They want the large cake.划线5261划在4102the large 2.Today is Thursday.划线1653划在Thursday 3.Ben goes to school by bus.划线划在by bus 4.The sun rises in the morning.划线划在in the morning 5.There are many books in the cupboard.划线划在many books 6.She can make a puppt.划线划在a 7.He does his homework at seven o,clock.划线划在seven o,clock 8.Kitty runs in the park every day.划线划在runs 9.My mother is making a cake in the kitchen.划线划在making a cake 10.Alice has got ninety-eight yuan.划线划在ninety-eight1、Which cake do they want? 2、What day is today? 3、How does Ben go to school? 4、When does the sun go up? 5、What are there in the cupboard? 6、How much does can make puppt? 7、What time does he do his homework? 8、What does Kitty do every day? 9、What does your mother do in the kitchen? 10、How much money has Alice got? http://www.yanwen999.com/参考资料:http://www.yanwen999.com/,题是 什么 啊内容来自www.kj173.com请勿采集。

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  • 【导语】英语作文是英语学习的重要内容之一,也是学生综合能力的体现。它与学生的词汇量、语法、句法能力和逻辑思维能力等有密不可分的关系,在高考中占有相当大的比重。而许多学生在此方面丢分甚多,以致影响最后总分,因此提高学生写作能力势在必行。以下是...2020-10-09
  • www.kj173.com true http://www.kj173.com/jiaoyuzige/1001/10016910.html report 30007 为您提供全方面的六年级小学生英语练习题3篇相关信息,根据用户需求提供六年级小学生英语练习题3篇最新最全信息,解决用户的六年级小学生英语练习题3篇需求,【导语】英语练习首先解决了面对应试教育的问题,让你多方位学习和掌握英语类型题的解决方法,其次,做英语练习题可以让你增加做题量,积累更多英语知识点,对将来的发展也有很大的作用。以下是爱学网整理的《六年级小学生英语练习题3篇》相关资料,希望帮助到您。【篇一】六年级小学生英语练习题  一、现在进行时:写出下列动词的现在分词:  play____run_____swim_____make____go___
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